CS-ECON Seminar Series - Spring 2017

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:00pm on Friday in Gross 318.
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Three Short Talks  
Michael Albert: "Automated Design of Robust Mechanisms"; Rupert Freeman: "Crowdsourced Outcome Determination in Prediction Markets"; Yuan (Eric) Deng: "The Complexity of Stable Matchings under Substitutable Preferences"
Note: Seminar will be in LSRC D344 at 2:00pm on Wednesday.
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Jacob Leshno  
The Simple Structure of Top Trading Cycles in School Choice: A Continuum Model (Joint with Irene Lo)
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Iyad Rahwan  (MIT Media Lab)
The Psychological Dilemmas of Autonomous Vehicles
Joint with Duke Computer Science Colloquium.
Note: Seminar will be in D106 LSRC at 12:00pm on Monday.
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Simina Branzei  (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Computational Fair Division and Mechanism Design
Note: Seminar will be in North 311 at 12:00pm on Friday.
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Susan Athey  (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Machine Learning for Policy Evaluation: Prediction, Causal Inference, and Personalization
Joint with Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series.
Note: Seminar will be in D106 LSRC at 4:00pm on Monday.
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Yu Cheng  (University of Southern California)
Computational Aspects of Optimal Information Revelation
Note: Seminar will be in Gross Hall 318 at 12:00pm on Friday.
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Mathijs de Weerdt  

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