History of Political Economy Workshop Seminar Series - Spring 2019

Usual time and place: 3:30pm - 5:00pm on Friday in Social Sciences 327.
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Gregory Collins  (Yale University)
The Restlessness Between Classical Liberalism and Conservatism: The Case of Hayek and Burke
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Steven Medema  (U. Colorado - Denver)
“Exceptional and Unimportant”? Externalities, Competitive Equilibrium, and the Myth of a Pigovian Tradition
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 113 at 11:30am on Tuesday.
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Jennifer Jhun  (Lake Forest College)
“Economics, Mechanisms, and Multi-Scale Modeling"
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Julian Reiss  (Durham University (UK))
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Kevin Hoover and James Forder  
The Writing and Publication Process: Reflections from Two Journal Editors
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James Forder  (Balliol College and fellow, Center for the History of Political Economy)
"Cost-Push Inflation: An Episode in Political Economy"

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