The third full wave of IFLS was fielded in the second half of 2000 and sought to follow all IFLS households. There are over 7,700 households in IFLS3 with over 94% of the original IFLS households that were surveyed in 1993 being re-contacted in 2000.

IFLS3 builds on questionnaires developed in previous rounds of the survey, and has sought to maintain comparability with those rounds while incorporating improvments and adding several important innovations. These include, for example, expanding the physical health assessments by adding two anthropometric measurements -- head circumference and, for older adults, waist to hip ratio -- as well as the collecting blood samples which are dried and stored on filter paper for later analysis.

Data from IFLS3 will facilitate the study of long-term demographic and socioeconomic change and also the effects of a major economic shock as experienced in 1998/1999 in Indonesia. In combination with IFLS2 and 2+, it will also be possible to contrast the immediate effects of the crisis with their medium term impacts.

IFLS3 is scheduled to be placed in the public domain in 2003.

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