History of Political Economy Workshop Seminar Series - Fall 2021

Usual time and place: 3:30pm - 5:00pm on Friday in Social Sciences 113.
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Steve Medema  (Duke University)
"What Happened on Blackstone Avenue? Exorcising Coase Theorem Mythology"
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John Singleton  (University of Rochester)
"'Economics is Not a Man's Field': CSWEP and the First Gender Reckoning in Economics (1971-1991)"
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Sean Delehanty  (Johns Hopkins University)
"'Can the Corporation Survive?' The Theory of the Firm and the Birth of Shareholder Value Maximization"
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Ross Emmett  (Arizona State University)
"Francis Amasa Walker and the Indigenous Peoples of North America"
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Jeff Biddle  (Michigan State University)
"Narratives and Empirical Strategies in Zvi Griliches’s Early Research"
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Joel Issac  (University of Chicago)
"The Political Economy of Uncertainty in the Twentieth Century"

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