Huanxing Yang - Ohio State University

Communication and the Optimality of Hierarchy in Organizations

    Date:  09/11/2017 (Mon)

    Time:  3:30pm- 4:45pm

    Location:  Gardner 211 (UNC)

    Organizer:  Huseyin Yildirim, Ph.D.

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   10:00am - Kyle Woodward

   10:30am - Fei Li

   11:00am - Stanislav Rabinovich

   11:30am - Simon Alder

   12:00pm - Lunch: Stanislav Rabinovich, Kyle Woodward

    1:30pm - Gary Biglaiser

    2:00pm - Peter Norman

    2:30pm - Huseyin Yildirim

    3:00pm - Curt Taylor

    3:30pm - Seminar Presentation (3:30pm to 4:45pm)

    5:00pm - Drink at Carolina Inn

    6:00pm - Dinner with Fei Li, Huseyin Yildirim, Peter Norman