Seminars, Proseminars and Lunches for the Week of Nov 29th 2020

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Rossen Valkanov  (UC San Diego)
"From Macroeconomic Shocks to Credit Spreads"
Financial Econometrics Lunch Group Seminar will be in at 11:00am on Monday.
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Ranae Jabri  
Labor Lunch Seminar will be in Social Sciences 111 at 11:45am on Tuesday.
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Several students  
Students present selected IO 2020/2021 job market papers
Public/IO Lunch Seminar will be in Online - link distributed through the IO lunch mailing list at 11:45am on Wednesday.
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Raphaël Fèvre  (Université Côte d'Azur)
"Towards a 'Prodigious Revival of French Economics'? Allais, Debreu and the Dead Loss Controversy (1943-1951)"
History of Political Economy Lunch Seminar will be in Online only at 12:00pm on Friday.