Herbert Smith - University of Pennsylvania

Population Aging:  On the Future of a Delusion

    Date:  03/25/2021 (Thu)

    Time:  3:30pm- 5:00pm

    Location:  This seminar will be held remotely via Zoom. (Please sign in to see the link.)

    Organizer:  Giovanna Merli

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    1:00pm - Christina Kamis, Jessie West

    1:30pm - Claire Le Barbenchon, Allison Stolte

    2:00pm - Giovanna Merli

    2:30pm - Angie O'Rand

    3:00pm - Seminar Prep

    3:30pm - Seminar Presentation (3:30pm to 5:00pm)

    Additional Comments:  Demography has a lot of great tools for peering into the future. We knew that declining fertility was going to make societies older. Throw in declines in mortality, especially at older ages, and the aging and aged societies that so many of us live in were always in the cards. But does the fact that aged societies are not unexpected make them any less revolutionary? I have wondered for some time whether the gradualism and continuity in the demographic process that has gotten us to this point has blinded us to the oddity of where we are. Whereas most talks feature a speaker trying to convince an audience that he or she knows something that they do not, here the speaker would like to know what everyone else knows about the future of aging and aged societies that he does not. This being 2021, Covid-19 will be mentioned.