Ethan Ilzetzki - LSE

Government Purchases and Plant-Level Productivity: Evidence from World War II

    Date:  03/23/2021 (Tue)

    Time:  8:30am-10:00am

    Location:  This seminar will be held remotely via Zoom. (Please sign in to see the link.)

    Organizer:  Cosmin Ilut

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    8:30am - Seminar Presentation (note: 8:40am to 10:00am)

   10:00am - 10:00-10:20 Group Meeting

   10:30am - 10:30-10:55 meeting w Xian Jiang

   11:00am - 10:55-11:20 meeting w Andrea Lanteri

   11:30am - 11:30-11:55 meeting w Matthias Kehrig

   12:00pm - 11:55-12:20 meeting w Laura Castillo-Martinez