Kenneth M. Langa - University of Michigan, Department of Internal Medicine

Cognitive Aging, Dementia, and the Future of an Aging Society

    Date:  03/24/2022 (Thu)

    Time:  3:30pm- 5:00pm

    Location:  Seminar will be held on-site: Gross Hall 270

    Organizer:  Laura Satterfield

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   Wednesday - Dinner: Hawthorne and Wood w/ Brenda Plassman, Heather Whitson, Joe Hotz, Guy Potter, Gwenn Anne Garden, James Burke

    8:30am - Peter Ubel- Breakfast at JB Duke then walk to 230 L Gross Hall

   10:00am - Yuan Zhang

   10:30am - Duncan Thomas

   11:00am - OPEN

   11:30am - OPEN

   12:00pm - Lunch- open

    1:30pm - OPEN

    2:00pm - Jessie West

    2:30pm - OPEN

    3:00pm - Seminar Prep

    3:30pm - Seminar Presentation (3:30pm to 5:00pm)

    Additional Comments:  Recent news and debate regarding the FDA approval of Aduhelm, a new medication aimed at slowing the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), has brought to wider attention major shifts in the understanding and approach to diagnosing and treating AD and other causes of dementia. This seminar will review accumulating data and new approaches over the last twenty years to define and classify cognitive decline and dementia, including the importance of vascular contributions to the risk for cognitive decline, racial and ethnic differences in risk, and trends in dementia incidence and prevalence over recent decades. Recent focus on the biological pathways that are thought to cause the cognitive and functional decline associated with AD will be reviewed, as well as their implications for diagnosis and treatment, as highlighted by the current debate regarding the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Aduhelm and other similar treatments currently under review.