Marshall Burke - Stanford University

The Growing Risk and Burden of Wildfire Smoke

    Date:  03/23/2023 (Thu)

    Time:  3:00pm- 4:15pm

    Location:  Seminar will be held on-site: GW Hill Building, RTI International

    Organizer:  TREE Committee

Meeting Schedule: Login or email the organizer to schedule a meeting.

    All meetings will be in Rubenstein Hall 207 unless otherwise noted.

   8:00am - BREAKFAST @ JB DUKE: (Sarah Sutherland, Chris Timmins,... )

    9:30am - Meeting: with students (Paula Sarmiento, Marcelo Gonçalves, Camilo De Los Rios and Alejandro Diaz)

   10:00am - Meeting: Alex Pfaff (can pick up @10 from 9:30 site, drop a bit early @10:30 site)

   10:30am - Meeting: Marc Jeuland

   11:00am - Meeting: Zhenxuan Wang

   11:30am - Meeting: Robyn Meeks

   12:00pm - LUNCH @ MEZ: [space for 1 Duke faculty member...]

    3:00pm - Seminar Presentation (3:00pm to 4:15pm)

    4:30pm - HAPPY HOUR @ Fullsteam RTP (no need to sign-up, just join!)