Duke University Population Research Institute Seminar Series - Fall 2018

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:15pm on Thursday in 230 E Gross Hall.
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Daniel Adkins  (Univ. of Utah)
Social influences on sexuality in adolescence and young adulthood
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Jennifer Karas Montez  (Syracuse)
Hypothesizing Upward: U.S. States Contexts and Inequalities in Life Expectancy
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Sonalde Desai  (University of Maryland)
Beyond the End of Hypergamy: Increase in Educational Hypogamy in India
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Owen Ozier  (World Bank, DECRG)
Gendered Language
Joint with Labor and Development.
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Anna Aizer  (Brown University, Dept of Economics)
Grandparents, Moms or Dads? Why Children of Teen Mothers Do Worse in Life
Joint with Labor and Development.
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Jamie Jones  (Stanford)
The Evolutionary Demography of the Human Life Cycle
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Paul Hooper  (Santa Fe Institute)
Evolution of Intergenerational Transfers
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Scott Lynch  (Duke University)
Rethinking the Role Childhood SES Plays in Affecting Adult Health: Integrating Existing Theories with a Life Course Perspective on the Disablement Process

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