Duke University Population Research Institute Seminar Series - Fall 2022

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:15pm on Thursday in 230 E Gross Hall.
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Demography of Health and Aging Organization Meeting  
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Sara Curran  (University of Washington)
A Scoping Literature Review of the Determinants of Family Planning, 2000-2016: What Can be Inferred from Patterns of Knowledge Production, Diffusion, Methodological Approaches & Scientific Impact?
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Greg Samanez-Larkin  (Duke University)
Emotion and Motivation in the Aging Brain
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Patrick Sharkey (Virtual Seminar)  (Princeton)
Some Hopeful Evidence on Guns in the US
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Charles Nunn  (Duke University)
Shining Evolutionary Light on Human Health in Madagascar
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Demography of Health and Aging - Sarah Petry  
Characterizing Intersectional Medicaid Risk Factors in Late Life
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Jenny Trinitapoli  (University of Chicago)
Ten years in Balaka, Malawi: An excerpt from in-progress book manuscript, An Epidemic of Uncertainty
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Brielle Bryan  (Rice University)
Maternal Wealth Implications of Child Incarceration
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Carmen Gutierrez  (UNC)
Community Supervision and Health among Latina Women: Understanding Gendered and Racialized Patterns
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Demography of Health and Aging Seminar- Allison Stolte  
US States and the Intergenerational Transmission of Health Disadvantage: How State Policy Contexts Contribute to Geographic Disparities in Birth Outcomes
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Jennifer Dowd  (University of Oxford)
Demographic insights into the COVID-19 pandemic
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Jamie Justice  (Wake Forest University School of Medicine)
Breaking Ground in Translational Geroscience: from biomarkers to clinical trials
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Robert Apel  (Rutgers)
Mass Incarceration, Aging, and the Life Course

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