International Population, Health and Development Lunch Fall 2021

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:00pm on Friday in Social Sciences 111.
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Damien Kim  
The Effects of Conflict Termination on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Aceh Insurgency 1999-2005
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Jeremy Lebow (Practice JMT - on Zoom)  
Immigration and Occupational Downgrading in Colombia
Joint with Practice Job Talk.
Note: Seminar will be in Soc Sci 111 at 12:00pm on Friday.
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Marwa AlFakhri  (Practice JMT)
Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: Information, Efficiency and the Extended Family
Joint with Practice Job Talk.
Note: This talk will be held over Zoom at 12:00 PM
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Adam Soliman  
Prosecutorial Discretion
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Luke Fesko  (Duke #GoBucks)
Something I've Been Working On - TBD
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Christopher Behrer/Nikita Kohli  
Very early stage ideas - 30 minutes each
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Sung-Ju Wu  
The Effects of Anti-corruption Policies on Firm Outcomes in Vietnam
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Kate Vyborny  
The unintended consequences of political accountability: Quasi-experimental evidence from policing in Pakistan
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Rob Garlick  (Duke)
Rational Discouragement? Returns to Search for Marginal Labor Force Participants
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Rosie Chiang  (Duke University)
STAR project: Quality-quantity Trade-off of Children

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