History of Political Economy Lunch Seminar Series - Spring 2024

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:00pm on Friday in Social Sciences 327.
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Nestor Lovera Nieto  (HOPE Visiting Scholar)
"Exploring the other side of the reading room: processing a collection of economists in the Rubenstein Library"
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Rafaël Lazega  (HOPE Visiting Scholar)
"From Goad to Lure: Frank Knight on Cooperative Competition" written with Michele Bee
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Soroush Marouzi  (HOPE Visiting Scholar)
"In Search of Lost Reason: Ramsey, Keynes, and the Intellectualism Debate."
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Till Düppe  (HOPE Visiting Scholar)
“Toward a New Historiography of Post Keynesian Economics.”
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Juliette Blayac  (HOPE Visiting Scholar)
"Putting Yourself in the Other Person's Shoes: Jessica Peixotto’s Pioneering Economic Perspective on Cost-of-Living Studies as a Basis for Competitive Public Sector Salaries”
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Nahid Aslanbeigui  (HOPE Visiting Scholar)
"Cambridge Economics 1938: Crisis of Confidence, Pedagogical Reform, and the Origins of the ‘Department of Realistic Statistics’"

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