Labor and Development Seminar Series - Spring 2020

Usual time and place: 3:15pm - 4:45pm on Wednesday in Social Sciences 111.
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Jean-Marc Robin  (Sciences Po and UCL)
On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility: Evidence from Danish Register Data (joint with R. Lentz and S. Piyapromdee)
Joint with Public and IO, ERID Seminars and Workshops.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 111 at 3:15pm on Tuesday.
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Emily Wiemers  (Syracuse University)
Great Micro Moderation or Great Risk Shift? The Role of Low Earnings in Differing Trends in Earnings Volatility
Joint with ERID.
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Jean-Marc Robin  (Sciences Po and UCL)
A Nonparametric Finite Mixture Approach to Difference-in-Difference Estimation, with an Application to Professional Training and Wages (with O. Cassagneau-Francis, R. Gary-Bobo and J. Pernaudet)
Joint with Econometrics, ERID Seminars and Workshops.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences room 113 at 11:30am on Thursday.
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Lesley Turner  (Vanderbilt)
Taking It to the Limit: Effects of Increased Student Loan Availability
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Daniele Paserman  (Boston University)
Does Economics Make You Sexist? (joint with V. Paredes and F. Pino)
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[Postponed to next year] Jessica Goldberg  (Maryland)
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(Postponed until Fall) Sean Higgins  (Northwestern University)
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POSTPONED TO FALL - Garance Genicot  (Georgetown University)
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Canceled - Rohini Pande  (Yale)
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Abi Adams  (Oxford)
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Canceled - Lori Beaman  (Northwestern University)
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Postponed until Spring 2021--Triangle Applied Micro Conference  
Joint with Special Events & Conferences, Public and IO.
Note: Seminar will be in UNC - Chapel Hill (Pleasants Family Assembly Room) at 8:15am on Tuesday.
Keynote speaker: Joe Altonji (Yale)

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