Labor and Development Seminar Series - Spring 2022

Usual time and place: 3:15pm - 4:45pm on Wednesday in Social Sciences 111.
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Chris Taber  (University of Wisconsin)
Skill Prices, Occupations, and Changes in the Wage Structure for Low Skilled Men
Joint with ERID Seminars and Workshops.
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Emily Breza  (Harvard)
The nerds, the cool and the central: peer education and teen pregnancy in Brazil
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Madeline McKelway  (Dartmouth)
Coupling Labor Supply Decisions: An Experiment in India
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Pierre Cahuc (Cancelled)  (Sciences Po)
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Sydnee Caldwell  (Berkeley Haas School of Business)
Outside Options in the Labor Market
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Yana Gallen (228F)  (Chicago Harris)
"The Labor Market Returns to Delaying Pregnancy" (with Juanna Joensen, Eva Johansen and Greg Veramendi)
Joint with Public and IO.
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Marion Goussé (Postponed)  (Laval University)
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Clare Balboni  (MIT)
The origins and control of forest fires in the tropics
Joint with International Trade, Triangle Resources and Environmental Economics.
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Barbara Petrongolo  (University of Oxford)
Structural Transformation and 150 years of Women's and Men's Work

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