Macro Seminar Series - Fall 2021

Usual time and place: 1:25pm - 2:45pm on Tuesday in Social Sciences 113.
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Basile Grassi  (Bocconi University)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Markup Estimation
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Andy Atkeson  (UCLA)
The End of Privilege: A Reexamination of the Net Foreign Asset Position of the United States
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Ariel Burstein  (UCLA)
Welfare and Output with Income Effects and Taste Shocks
Joint with International Trade.
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Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan  (University of Maryland)
Risk-Taking and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from Loans to SMEs and Large Firms
Joint with International Trade.
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Vincenzo Quadrini  (USC)
Getting Rich In China: An empirical and structural investigation of wealth mobility.
Joint with International Trade.
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Ufuk Akcigit  (University of Chicago)
Tapping into Talent: Coupling Education and Innovation Policies for Economic Growth
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Manuel Garcia-Santana  (UPF)
The Aggregate Effect of Government Procurement: the Role of Credit Constraints and Firm Dynamics
Joint with International Trade.
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Jane Olmstead-Rumsey  (Minneapolis Fed & LSE)
"Market Concentration And The Productivity Slowdown"
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Lint Barrage  (UCSB)
Climate Change, Directed Innovation, and Energy Transition: The Long-run Consequences of the Shale Gas Revolution
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Gregor Jarosch  (Princeton)
Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages
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Laura Pilossoph  (Federal Reserve Bank of NY)
Labor Market Search with Imperfect Information and Learning

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