Duke University Population Research Institute Seminar Series - Spring 2021

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:15pm on Thursday in 230 E Gross Hall.
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Demography of Health and Aging Training Seminar- Ruth Wygle and Anna Holleman  (Duke University)
ANNA: The Resilience of Female Clergy: Gender and the Relationship Between Occupational Distress and Mental Health Among Congregational Leaders. RUTH: Need relief? Call your local jail. Plans for a dissertation on the topic of jail leasing
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Jerry Reiter  (Duke University)
Providing Access to Confidential Research Data
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Sam Fishman and Sarah Petry  (Duke University)
Fishman: "Cumulative Disadvantage and Birthweight: Racial and Ethnic Infant Health Disparities across Age and Nativity" Petry: Long-Term Health Outcomes of Medicaid Access in Childhood
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Hedy Lee  (Washington Univ. in St. Louis)
Understanding historical legacies of racial violence and its population health consequences
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Joe Hotz  (Duke University)
The Add Health Parent Study: Overview & Initial Findings
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Avshalom Caspi and Terrie Moffitt  (Duke University)
Charting mental disorders from childhood to midlife
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Allison Aiello  (UNC)
Stressors, immunity, and infection: New pathways to cognitive impairment and dementia?
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Noreen Goldman & Theresa Andrasfay  (Princeton and USC)
Racial and Ethnic Differentials in COVID-19 Mortality
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Emily Hannum  (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Educational System Consolidation: The Case of China’s Rural School Closure Initiative
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Herbert Smith  (University of Pennsylvania)
Population Aging:  On the Future of a Delusion
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Demography of Health and Aging Training Seminar- Lindsay Xu  (Duke University)
Mate Preferences in Online Dating: Evidence from a Chinese Online Dating Website
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Mario Small  (Harvard)
Financial institutions, neighborhoods, and racial inequality
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Ken Ferraro  (Purdue)
Early Social Origins and Mediators of Biological Risks in Later Life
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Kasey Buckles  (Notre Dame)
Family Trees and Falling Apples: Intergenerational Mobility Estimates from U.S. Genealogy Data

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