International Trade Seminar Series - Fall 2023

Usual time and place: 10:15am - 11:30am on Monday in Social Sciences 113.
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Treb Allen -- CANCELLED  (Dartmouth College)
The Topography of Nations
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Reka Juhasz  (University of British Columbia)
The Who, What, When, and How of Industrial Policy: A Text-Based Approach
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Jaedo Choi  (Federal Reserve Board)
From Adoption to Innovation: State-Dependent Technology Policy in Developing Countries
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Carolina Villegas Sanchez  (ESADE/Princeton)
Joint with Macro.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 113 at 1:25pm on Tuesday.
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Levi Crews  (UCLA)
A Dynamic Spatial Knowledge Economy
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Matilde Bombardini  (UC Berkeley Haas)
The Benefits and Costs of Buying American
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Milena Almagro  (U of Chicago Booth)
"Optimal Urban Transportation Policy: Evidence from Chicago", with Juan Camilo Castillo, Felipe Kup, Nathaniel Hickok and Tobiaa Salz
Joint with Public and IO.

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