Public and IO Seminar Series - Fall 2023

Usual time and place: 3:30pm - 5:00pm on Tuesday in Social Sciences 113.
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Ignacio Rodriguez Hurtado  (PRACTICE JOB MARKET TALK)
Joint with Labor and Development, Econometrics, Practice Job Talk.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 111 at 3:15pm on Wednesday.
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Matthew Pecenco  (Brown)
Conviction, Incarceration, and Policy Effects in the Criminal Justice System
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Ben Handel  (UC Berkeley)
Joint with UNC
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Zoe Cullen  (HBS)
What’s My Employee Worth? The Effects of Salary Benchmarking
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Tulio Salvio-Sousa (w/ Carl Mela)  (Duke University Fuqua School of Business)
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Bob Town  (University of Texas at Austin)
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Milena Almagro  (U of Chicago Booth)
"Optimal Urban Transportation Policy: Evidence from Chicago", with Juan Camilo Castillo, Felipe Kup, Nathaniel Hickok and Tobiaa Salz
Joint with International Trade.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 119 at 10:15am on Monday.
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Katalin Springel  (HEC Montréal)
Joint with UNC
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Jon Kolstad  (Haas School of Business - UC Berkeley)
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Ariel Pakes  (Harvard)
Unobserved preferences, state dependence, and the demand for health insurance.
Joint with Econometrics, ERID Seminars and Workshops.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences room 139 at 3:30pm on Thursday.
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Ariel Pakes  (Harvard)
Pharmaceutical Advertising in Dynamic Equilibrium.
Joint with Microeconometrics Breakfast, Econometrics, ERID Seminars and Workshops.
Note: Seminar will be in Soc Sci 136 at 10:00am on Friday.
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Maggie Jones  (Emory University)
Competition and Consumer Discrimination in Public Accommodations

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