Econometrics Seminar Series - Fall 2023

Usual time and place: 3:30pm - 5:00pm on Thursday in Social Sciences room 113.
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Eric Mbakop  (The Ohio State University)
Identification in Some Discrete Choice Models: A Computational Approach
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Charles Manski  (Northwestern)
Using Limited Trial Evidence to Credibly Choose Treatment Dosage when Efficacy and Adverse Effects Weakly Increase with Dose
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Nikolay Gospodinov  (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Consistent Specification Testing with Irrelevant Instruments
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Ignacio Rodriguez Hurtado  (PRACTICE JOB MARKET TALK)
Joint with Labor and Development, Public and IO, Practice Job Talk.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 111 at 3:15pm on Wednesday.
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Xinyue Bei  (Duke)
Research Update
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Silvia Sarpietro  (University of Bologna)
A Robust Method for Microforecasting and Estimation of Random Effects
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Xinyue Bei  ((Practice JMT))
Inference on Union Bounds with Applications to DiD, RDD, Bunching, and Structural Counterfactuals
Joint with Practice Job Talk.
Note: Seminar will be in Social Sciences 111 at 11:45am on Tuesday.
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Michael Gechter  (Penn State)
Site Selection for External Validity: Theory and an Application to Mobile Money in South Asia
Joint with Labor and Development.
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Bill Evans  (Notre Dame)
Prescription for Disaster: Changing Physician Treatment Patterns and the Drug Crisis
Joint with Labor and Development.
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Yuichi Kitamura  (Yale)
Group Membership in Flexible Choice Models
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Ivana Komunjer  (Georgetown University)
A Perturbation Approximation to Bayesian Filtering
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Ed Vytlacil  (Yale)
Eliciting Willingness-to-Pay to Decompose Beliefs and Preferences that Determine Selection into Competition in Lab Experiments 
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StĂ©phane Bonhomme  (University of Chicago)
Moment Restrictions in Nonlinear Panel Data Models with Feedback
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Ariel Pakes  (Harvard)
Unobserved preferences, state dependence, and the demand for health insurance.
Joint with Public and IO, ERID.
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Ariel Pakes  (Harvard)
Pharmaceutical Advertising in Dynamic Equilibrium.
Joint with Microeconometrics Breakfast, Public and IO, ERID Seminars and Workshops.
Note: Seminar will be in Soc Sci 136 at 10:00am on Friday.
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Marinho Bertanha  (Notre Dame)
Causal Effects in Matching Mechanisms with Strategically Reported Preferences

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