Recruiting Seminar Series - Spring 2018

Usual time and place: 11:30am - 1:00pm on Weekdays in Social Sciences 113.
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Giulia Brancaccio  (Princeton)
Learning By Trading: The Case of the US Market for Municipal Bonds
Joint with Public and IO.
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Daniel Lewis  (Harvard)
Identifying Shocks via Time-Varying Volatility
Joint with Financial Econometrics Lunch Group, Econometrics.
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Francesco Agostinelli  (Arizona State)
Investing in Children's Skills: An Equilibrium Analysis of Social Interactions and Parental Investments
Joint with Public and IO, Labor and Development.
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*RESCHEDULED* Ayumu "Ken" Kikkawa  (Chicago)
Imperfect Competition and the Transmission of Shocks: The Network Matters
Joint with Trade Dynamics Macro Workshop, Macro.
Seminar begins at 1:15 (scheduling tool doesn't allow for quarter-hour timing).
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Niklas Engbom  (Princeton)
Firm and Worker Dynamics in an Aging Labor Market
Joint with Labor and Development, Macro.
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*RESCHEDULED* Arjada Bardhi  (Northwestern)
Optimal Discovery and Influence Through Selective Sampling
Joint with Microeconomic Theory, Labor and Development.
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Benjamin Rosa (postdoc candidate)  (Penn)
Subcontracting Requirements and the Cost of Government Procurement
Joint with Public and IO.
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*RESCHEDULED* Maria Dolores Palacios (postdoc candidate)  (Boston University)
Price Setting and Multitasking by Sales Agents: Evidence from a Contract Change
Joint with Public and IO, Labor and Development.
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Nina Bobkova  (Bonn University)
Knowing What Matters to Others: Information Selection in Auctions 
Joint with Microeconomic Theory, Public and IO.
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*RESCHEDULED* Cynthia Mei Balloch  (Columbia)
Inflows and Spillovers: Tracing the Impact of Bond Market Liberalization 
Joint with Macro.
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Bocar Ba (postdoc candidate)  (Chicago - Harris)
Going the Extra Mile: the Cost of Complaint Filing, Accountability, and Law Enforcement Outcomes in Chicago
Joint with Econometrics, Labor and Development.

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