Duke University Population Research Institute Seminar Series - Spring 2022

Usual time and place: 12:00pm - 1:15pm on Thursday in 230 E Gross Hall.
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David A Bennett  (Rush University Medical Center, Neurological Sciences)
Mixed Pathology, Risk Factors, Resilience, and Personalized Medicine for Alzheimer's Dementia
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Amada Armenta  (UCLA, School of Public Affairs)
Immigrants and the Law: Crafting Moral Selves in the Face of Immigration Control
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Leah Richmond-Rakerd  (Department of Psychology, University of Michigan)
Mental disorders and population healthspan: Insights from nationwide registers
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Maria G. Rendon  (UC Irvine, Public Policy School of Social Ecology)
Stagnant Dreamers: How the Inner City Shapes the Integration of Second Generation Latinos
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Greg Duncan  (UC Irvine, School of Education)
The causal impact of poverty reduction on infants and their families
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Maria Glymour  (UCSF, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics)
Alzheimer's disease and dementia: learning more with instrumental variables-inspired approaches
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Demography of Health and Aging Seminar- Ruth Wygle and Garrett Baker  
Wygle: Identifying Current and Future Uses of Standardized Jail Data Collection Efforts for Healthcare Practitioners Serving Justice-involved Individuals Baker: The Consequences of Paternal Incarceration for Youth’s Expectations and Aspirations
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Vadim Gladyshev  (Harvard Medical School, Division of Genetics, Department of Medicine)
Systems Aging and Rejuvenation
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Elizabeth Wrigley-Field  (University of Minnesota)
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Kenneth M. Langa  (University of Michigan, Department of Internal Medicine)
Cognitive Aging, Dementia, and the Future of an Aging Society
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PAA Practice Session  
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Yu Xie  (Princeton)
The impact of Economic Inequality on Social and Demographic Outcomes in China

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